About Drinking from Human Skulls

June 27 2013, 0 Comments

Greetings would be skull drinkers! Welcome to “Drinking from Human Skulls”, the last bastion of hope for all would-be barbarians. Join writer and curator Doni as he tries to pinpoint

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What to do when your writers have Alzheimer’s

September 23 2013, 1 Comments

I’ve been on to the bought and paid for mainstream media for a long time now. I started noticing after the events of 9-11, a period where I was glued to CNN for almost 6 months. I was freshly

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Why are we still commuting to work?

September 11 2013, 3 Comments

I really want to know if there is anybody who actually looks forward to their daily commute to and from work. Whether they brave crowded subways, packed buses, or deadlocked highways, I want

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Everyone is NOT entitled to their own opinion

July 4 2013, 9 Comments

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.” This apparent axiom has been bleated at me countless times in my life by numerous ovine creatures around the world. Why is it that people

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The Price of Test Based Education in Asia

June 28 2013, 4 Comments

One thing that you probably take for granted everyday is your ability to think and arrive at conclusions. You probably don’t even appreciate how you got this ability. I can assure you that

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Technological Unemployment – Not as bad as it sounds

June 28 2013, 1 Comments

Let me just start by saying I am a huge fan of technology. The thought of a world where I couldn’t immediately call bullshit on some drunk idiot running his mouth by voice searching Google

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Anonymity on the Internet should go die in a fire

June 28 2013, 13 Comments

Social media has become something of an addiction in my life. Whenever I get a comment on one of my videos and the notification sound on my phone goes off letting me know, I swear I get a little

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HIV AIDS is Fake

June 26 2013, 4 Comments

Hey world: AIDS isn’t really a real thing. Yes. HIV AIDS is fake. It’s not a disease. It’s not the AIDS disease. It’s a syndrome. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The “S” part

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